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Lotus’s history is that of “continual growth and development”. From the foundation in the 1980’s, the family-owned company has outgrown the small workshop of three people into one of the most prominent bedding and mattress manufacturers in the world with many millions loyal customers and over thousands sale channels across the Asian continent. The company’s success owes to its true passion and pride in offering the quality rest and relaxation for its esteemed patrons.

Our philosophy is simple: to become the favorite mass brand for all sleep items. We believe this does not merely involve using good materials but rather the care for every minute detail for the entire process of our business from long-term relationship management with all our stakeholders, relentless research and development, continuous improvement on all aspects, and most essentially, sincerity and professionalism in after-sale services for our customers. Simply put, good products must come with good services! 


What’s different about the Lotus sleep experience ? One exceptional night’s rest on an Lotus and you will never go back – simple as that. The fundamental business philosophies of Lotus are simple – only the best materials, handcrafted by the best artisans, create the best products for your sleeping needs.

The raw materials used in creating our bedding product are chosen from the finest selection the world has to offer. Top of the line natural materials such as our distinct Talalay latex, Belgian ticking, Italian pure goose down and designed in USA adjustable bed are utilized by Lotus hand tailors in every unique bedding item they create.With these elements combined, the true path to sleeping excellence and luxurious comfort can be achieved.

The Lotus concept isn’t complicated, nor need it be; simply the best, by the best, makes the best – simply your complete sleep satisfaction.


At Lotus, we know that in our customer’s increasingly busy lives, the importance of a good night’s rest is often overlooked. In reality, choosing a mattress isn’t something most individuals are required to do on a regular basis. As a result, the many healthy benefits of sleeping on a world class mattress are unfortunately often overlooked and buying decisions are based on price alone. However, at Lotus we know that once you have experienced the sleep quality that our extraordinary products can provide first hand, you will never underestimate the importance of true sleep satisfaction again.

Therefore, at Lotus, we strive to provide ultimate sleeping satisfaction with our products built upon the concept that if we think of everything, you won’t have to. Our company is passionate and dedicated to creating the best bedding products the market has to offer so that you can be passionate about enjoying them – let our passion take care of you and your sleeping needs.


Sleep is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. Without a good night’s rest, not only are we unable to accomplish all we are capable of in our daily lives, but serious health conditions such as weight gain, increased blood pressure, and a decrease in our immune system can also occur. Lotus provides you with the ultimate lifestyle choice for ensuring the quality of your sleep be the best it can be, every night.

What is it that takes Lotus a step above the rest? At Lotus we are proud to offer products that care for not only your physical and mental rest, but also provide an aura of ultimate relaxation and refreshment for your soul. Don’t just sleep for your body and mind, experience Lotus and feel the incredible benefits that quality sleep for your soul can provide.


Our mattress makers are key members of the Lotus team who bear the responsibility of hand stitching complete sleep satisfaction into each of our uniquely handmade mattresses. Only through their exceptional and skillfull efforts can the Lotus experience be brought to life. All of our sleeping products are constructed under the watchful eye of our Lotus experienced and accomplished artisans who are truly passionate about giving every detail the attention it deserves…


A truly quality product can only start with quality materials. At Lotus we use nothing less than the world’s very best natural materials to create our sleep masterpieces. Unzip a Lotus mattress and see for yourself, we have nothing to hide. See and feel the quality.

Our unique Talalay latex is an incredible material created through a sophisticated seven-step process, the final result being the perfect balance between soft, conforming support and pressure relieving comfort.

Our unique blend is completely water-based and made form renewable resources keeping yours and Mother Nature’s health in mind. Our designs are simple and pure, nothing but the best goes into our products ensuring that they provide for nothing but the best sleep and absolute comfort.


While many of our competitors have turned towards automated-assisted production, to try and reach more customers and offer them more product choices faster, we have taken a different approach. At Lotus, we know that true sleep satisfaction and quality production doesn’t come from speedy assembly lines. True sleep satisfaction can only be made by hand and require that the upmost care be taken every step of the way.

Beginning with choosing only the very best materials, developing state of the art designs and calling upon only the most experienced bed makers to bring those designs to life by hand – that is where true sleep satisfaction is found. Every Lotus product that leaves our factory is built upon this philosophy and ready to offer the best sleep possible for years to come.


GoodNite Hug is the continuing commitment by Lotus to contribute to the local society while planting hope of life of orphans and disabled.

We believe that every child has the right to play, learn, hug and be happy. Since we cannot give a hug to every child, we decided give a pillow to each child in a hope that these children will get to know the sense of belonging better. Keep the children safe and warmth when they sleep. We hope hugging a pillow while sleep will give them a sweet dream.

Life is hard but not impossible. #Goodnitehug

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