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Our mattresses are available in several styles. Which are spring mattress, foam mattress and latex mattress. Our products are not only a mattress, we also have bed frame, bed linen, and topper.

Midas is a brand belonging to Lotus, the number one bedding company in Thailand and growing in southeast Asia. We’re specialize in sleep for a long time and confidently providing all bedding solutions for you and your family.

Our latex is imported from Belgium, one of the finest Latex sources in the world. Hence, our mattress will ensure the best feeling for you and your family.

We only guarantee the structure of the mattress. The warranty is from 5 to 15 years depend on each mattress models.

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per 10 square centimeter. Our bed linen have up to 300 Thread count.

Most of our fitted sheet can fit with 9 and 14 inch mattress in height. It’s depend on the model of bed linen. You can choose the highness bed linen to fit with your mattress. We hope you will enjoy with our bed linen.

We accept debit/credit card of MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay, JCB, American Express issued in anywhere around the world.

We will be pleased to ship to all items free of charge nationwide except 3 southern provinces and across the island. We do not offer international shipping.

We will be pleased to send you free items throughout Thailand. If there is a total order of the same order of more than 1,000 baht, if the total amount of orders in the same round is less than 999 baht will have a delivery fee of 100 baht nationwide. We will ship to the address listed on the order you entered in the order details.

You can apply your coupon code during the checkout process to get special discount accordingly (depending on type of promotion) .

We used delivery service with Thai post office, EMS, DHL, Kerry Express and FedEx.

We will process for the refund which may take normally up to 40 days to be sent to your original bank account.

Please send the product back to us and we will process for the refund the money to transfer back to customer’s bank account.

100% secured. We don’t store any credit card information from you on our website. Besides that, our website uses high-secured SSL certificate which protect you from being hacked.


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